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Whether your business is large or small, if you've been around a while or just getting started, your Hilti account works for you.

Make your Hilti Account work for you

Time is money - Having an account with Hilti speeds the order entry process, and with regionally located warehouses, your order is usually delivered in one to two working days.

Tool history - Tools purchased from the time you open your account appear on your Hilti account history. For most products, Hilti Keeps a record of the purchase price, date of purchase, serial number and service history.

Product history - Hilti maintains a running history on the products you use. When you're low on a fastener but can't remember the exact length, call customer service and ask your Hilti representative to view your history.

Shop Online - Any time, day or night with your Hilti account. Let your customer service representative know that you want to place orders online and your account will be activated for online services.

Direct Debit - Hilti is pleased to offer you Direct Debit payment options, payment will be deducted on the 15th of every month for your last month’s purchases. Direct Debit can save you time and money by reducing administration costs and eliminating cheque and postage costs. 

Electronic Banking - Processing your payment to Hilti via bank transfer, help to create a greener environment.

Invoice / Statement - Go paperless, Go Green with Red. Sign up to receive your PDF invoices and Statement of Account via email almost instantly

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