Fire protection

All you need to know about controlling damage during a fire

We develop and thoroughly test firestop products to provide additional value beyond firestopping and airflow control. Our firestop systems enhance the overall building performance in many areas. They meet the latest industry needs and are easy to install, retrofit and inspect.

Our passive firestop solutions for hospitals help insulate the noise between rooms and from the street as they help reduce vibration transmitted through the structure. Thanks to the flexible nature of our products, our products can account for thermal or mechanical movements. The fabric-free and low volatile organic compound (VOC) solutions help you create a healthier environment in your building, complying with respected green building standards. 

Passive fire protection systems

Why fire compartmentation matters

Learn how to help control the effects of fire once it has started, through passive protection systems

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Firestop solutions for a range of industries

Typical firestop applications

Our wide range of firestop solutions for a wide range of industries

Construction joints Curtain wall and facade Electrical penetrations Large openings Mechanical and plumbing
Firestop solutions for data centers, hospitals, hotel, pharma

Solutions for daily projects

Our solutions are designed to keep up with the requirements of your most challenging projects 

Healthcare Hotels Movement and seismic High-rise buildings Data Center
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Firestop solutions in construction projects

Save lives and assets from joints and openings

"Fire safety for construction project is a matter of significant importance for individuals and society as a whole. However, ensuring fire safety necessitates the collective consideration of various aspects right from the design phase. Hilti introduces the booklet named Firestop solutions in construction projects to provide readers with fundamental and practical knowledge for enhancing awareness and skills when undertaking specialized tasks, whether as an owner, designer, consultant, contractor, or project manager."

Dr. Hoang Anh Giang    

Vice Director of Institute of Building Structures - Vietnam Institute for Building Science & Technology (IBST)


The launch of Firestop solutions in construction projects initiates a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about fire safety and prevention by delivering knowledge, standards, solutions, and technological trends in this field. With years of investment in research and development, coupled with practical experience from projects worldwide, Hilti is confident in pioneering safe, reliable, and effective fire prevention solutions for construction projects.