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Built for high performance, lifetime and reliability

New TE 6-CL, the D-handle rotary hammer with best service in class

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Powerful combihammer drill system for high productivity rebar installation

Bring the best to your Rebar Application

Post-installed rebar is always easy and more efficient with a superb system giving the highest productivity.

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Drill Bit Warranty ?

With Hilti, world-class quality product is not the only thing but also about building the trust for it. Coming with exclusive warranty, it is a peace of mind to drill on non-reinforced concrete or reinforced concrete.

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Facades Solution

Full solutions from Hilti for facades applications.

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Take your anchor design to the next level with Profis Engineering

With PROFIS Engineering, you can design, calculate and analyze multiple connection types, including steel to concrete, steel to masonry and baseplate solutions.

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At Hilti, warranty is not only about repair, we care for your total cost of ownership

2 Years No Cost Lifetime Services

When you buy a Hilti tool, you get more than just a tool. You also get peace of mind for its lifetime for repair.

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Having trouble finding the right power tools and insert online?

Click here to find the right product specific to your applications

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Active Vibration Reduction

How Active Vibration Reduction helps minimize exposure to vibration

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