Undercut Screw Anchor for Permanent or Temporary and Safety Application

The HUS3 is a newly-engineered undercut screw anchor that offers up to 30% higher design resistances than metal expansion anchors. 

Unlike metal expansion anchors, HUS3 performs without the risk of uncontrolled slip, while its self-locking behavior ensures that it never unscrews under static and seismic action. 

Featuring a new coating and optimized hardening process, HUS3 are manufactured to ensure robustness and deliver impressive load values.


Works like a cast in.

HUS3 transfers tensile loads via the same mechanical interlock principle used by cast-in headed anchors, undercut anchors and cast-in place rebars. 

The highly loaded concrete consoles in the region of the optimized HUS3`s thread increases the original concrete compression strength, resulting in highest loads, even in low strength concrete. 

Therefore, the HUS3 can provide higher load classes than most metal expansion anchors in combination with smallest spacing and edge distances.

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Attractive performance.

The Hilti HUS3 opens a whole new world of design flexibility for safety relevant, medium duty applications and delivers the highest technical performance and best in class approvals. 

It meets challenging design requirements with ease, such as smallest edge distances and limited concrete member thicknesses. Available in hexagonal or countersunk heads, HUS3 offers a neat appearance while ensuring maximum setting convenience and load capacity performance. 

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Concept of Reusability Robust.

Reusable. Reliable. HUS3 is fully removable and can be reused in temporary supporting of formwork and pre-cast panel as well for safety barricade and perimeter overhead safety (POS) applications. 

Unlike expansion anchor where it will be left inside the concrete, the advantages of HUS3 is able to uninstall and remove completely to avoid possible corrosion implication. 

To check the anchor’s reusability, simply place the used anchor inside the Hilti Reusability Gauge. If the anchor remains inside the gauge, it can be re-used. If the anchor slips through the gauge, the anchor should be discarded.

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